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HOT MAGNER THERAPY combines Magnetotherapy, Heat Therapy and Microvibration, all at the same time. This gives the user a pleasant therapeutic effect over the affected areas. The HOT MAGNER therapeutic unit is able to generate a constant, rhythmic alternating Pulsed Magnetic Field (PMF) that effectively alters the electric potential of our body’s nerves and cells, providing essential pain-relief effects and accelerates the healing process of injured tissues.

PMF works on the cellular level. When the PMF is exposed to the affected structure, it activates a series of enzymatic processes, which in turn aids in the transfer of ionic materials in and out of our cells. This process accelerates metabolism within the cells, producing positive changes in the immunological condition of the user, accelerating blood circulation and decreases blood coagulation.

The simultaneous deep heating and microvibration effects of the HOT MAGNER therapeutic unit further increase internal blood circulation, promoting positive chemical processes and metabolism.

The HOT MAGNER THERAPY proposed to exhibit the following functions:
1) Increase blood circulation
2) Pain relief
3) Anti-inflammatory
4) Reduction of muscles spasm
5) Healing acceleration

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