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The Asian Golf Fitness Institute

Our clinic partners

Our clinic works with various partners to give our patients good service and treatment.

Playgolf Game Centre

Playgolf Game Centre is an online golfing website aimed to promote golf as a healthy sport.

Playgolf Game Centre is home to TopShot, TopShot game, Singapore’s first ever golf game technology that uses ID golf balls to track the distance and accuracy of your ball with targets installed on the fairway.

It aims to be a friendly one-stop golf home for all golfers, families and kids, giving them a homey ambiance for them to learn, practice and play golf and get all their golfing equipment and requirements. Play golf is comparable to a cozy ambiance of a country club without actually having to spend as much.

Play golf Game Centre welcomes both members and visitors alike and offer them a technologically advanced driving range facility and more.

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Lip’s Mission To develop the game of golf in the region through its various aspect of the industry such as producing a knowledgeable golf community, to increase the golfing population, extending the life span of the game through effective swing mechanics, preventing golf injury, providing a hospitable and valuable service to golfing public. For more info

Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2)

K.H. Poon Physiotherapy is proud to be associated with Back Project from the United States.

Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2) is an integrated passive / active intervention in weight bearing. ATM is a new concept in treating musculature disorders.

The ATM concept was developed by a Manual Physical Therapist to be incorporated with other approaches. It is a logical, straightforward and an easy to learn approach.

“The ATM2 has proven itself to be an individual tool for the treatment for both acute and chronic spinal conditions here at Stanford University. The ATM2 allows us to treat athletes with outstandingly quick results. We have even been able to return athletes who have had multiple levels of disc lesions to practice and competition more quickly than any other standard rehabilitation protocols.

In any high volume situation such as a Sports Medical Clinic like ours, it is imperative that filled that your intervention be effective and allow for early return to play. The ATM2 has filled that rile and is allowing us to treat effectively. We would all like to increase a heightened sense of responsibility for their own care among our athletes. The ATM2 is a tool that lends itself to this end.

The ATM2 is truly a ‘dream machine’ in high volume, sports medicine clinic or training room setting.’ Don Chu, Ph.D.,ATC, CSCS, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

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