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We are one of the leading providers of domiciliary care and health care services for your loved one living with a chronic condition, recovering from illness, or simply in need of daily assistance.

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We are first class physiotherapy professionals as evidenced by our treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment.

We focus on each individual with a special level of care and consideration to provide a first class physiotherapy service that is above and beyond your expectations. We diagnose, treat, educate and help prevent many diverse conditions.

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Harlan Mendsohn

doctor of physical therapy

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Our team of administrators and professionals aim to give you a first class experience. Please contact our team with any booking enquiries.

I enjoy Being an Physiotherapist because it is a specialty that combines primary care with surgical procedures. At K.H. Poon Physiotherapy clinic, all of our Physiotherapists are highly skilled clinical professionals.

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What Our Patient Say

success stories

Hear feedback from some of our amazing patients after their treatment with K.H. Poon Physiotherapy Health Clinic.

“"I had lower back pain and left leg pain with numbness for 2 years. I have not experienced significant improvements until seeing Mr Poon."”

Mr L.E.H

“I always experience neck pain after golf. My swing is poor. I felt better and managed to swing further (in golf)”

Mr T.Y.W

“My specialist referred me to K.H. Poon Physiotherapy for right knee ligaments sprains / strains. At that time, I couldn't walk properly and cannot even squat due to the pain. The physiotherapists and staff here are professionally trained and friendly. Mr Poon recognized an ongoing inflammation and treated it in few sessions while teaching me exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles to prevent further strains. 3 months later after my review, my specialist had discharged me without further follow-ups required and I'm now doing gym routines as advised to prevent future injuries and I am able to do squats. Thank you to all at K.H. Poon Physiotherapy!”

Madam J.L

“I had an ACL reconstruction done and Joyce and her team were super amazing! Not only did they get me back on my feet and going, I enjoyed my time having nice chats and laughs! I highly recommend them! Thank you team! :)”

Madam M.M

“Amazing bunch of physio therapists! Due to have an operation to fix a bad frozen shoulder and was saved by Miss Joyce Tham. She patiently fixed my pain and yes! No operation needed!”

Miss Z.S

“I referred to Mr.Poon for my tendinitis/plantar fasciitis by the late Dr.Jimmy Daruwalla. I have been undergoing treatment with Mr.Poon for the past year and I have seen a tremendous improvement from when I first went to him. I was almost walking with a slight limp and was in constant pain. I am back to playing tennis and brisk walking though not running yet. Mr.Poon has healing hands. The staff at his clinic are wonderful, kind, compassionate and warm.”

Madam R.S

“Thanks Joyce! Jiayou!”

Mr Daryl Chee

“Mr Poon is professional, knowledgable, patient and kind. To all at the clinic -Keep up the good work ”

Mr Tan W. K.

“Joyce is an excellent therapist, and very good in guiding me toward full recovery. Thank you.”

Mr J. Piamthipmanus

“Thank you Miss Joyce for your patience to me, appreciated.”

Madam Tong K. Y.

“Mr. Poon is patient, courteous, knowledgeable, skillful, kind & reassuring. Thank you & God bless!”

Ms Jeanne O.

“Dear Mr Poon, thanks for always being helpful and helping me recover from injuries.”

Mr Max Wu W. J.

“Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Poon for always addressing our needs! A service from the heart indeed!”

Ms Farhana M.

“Thanks to all”

Madam Sarika M.

“Thank you for your patience and spending so much time with me especially in explaining the exercises”

Madam Yolande Goh H. L.

“Thank you for the warm and welcoming experience. I really felt at ease and that I could trust you.”

Madam Desiree Lynda C.

“Referred by my GP to Mr. Poon, the service was excellent, appreciated the analytics proving how I damaged my shoulder and what was causing the lower back pain. Thank you for your professional work ethic and support during this difficult time.”

Mr Adrian H.

“Thank you Joyce for providing a very clear explanation of my stiff neck condition. It is very helpful. I now know what I need to do. Many thanks.”

Madam Yeo G. H.

“Many thanks to Joyce, I am happy with your service. Keep it up!”

Madam Low S. H.

“Very professional and friendly. Outstanding, keep it up.”

Mr Y. K. Ho

“Keep up the good work! ❤️👍🏽”

Ms Lynette Lau Y. L.

“Service was great and very professional. ”

Mr Ho W. J.

“You guys are excellent at what you do. Keep up the good work.”

Mr Rahul S.

“Thank you Mr. Poon, you always very helpful and kind. Your physio knowledge is so good. We all know that we will recover well for going to you and your team. Thank you”

Madam Jamie C.

“Thank you for the consultation and treatment. It makes me more aware of my conditions better rather than simple massage which I seek outside”

Mr Lew J. H.

“Thank you for showing care and attention to details. Your systematic approach to diagnosis is greatly appreciated. :-)”

Mr David Y.

“Thank you, Mr Poon, for your caring and excellent service.”

Madam Caroline K.

“Joyce & Phoon are very professional & experience therapist.”

Madam Fanny Mo P. Y

“Thank you to the physiotherapist for all the guiding information.”

Madam Grace C.

“Thank you, Mr Poon, for your effective treatment and recommended exercise plan for my fractured foot. It has helped me to strengthen my leg and regain the range of mobility for my ankle after being immobilized for 2 months. The other therapists that assisted you were also patience and helpful. Excellent service!”

Madam Kwek S. H.

“Joyce and her colleague (the one who did radiology for me) are professional and know their work. Appreciate them. ”

Ms Teo M.S

“Very impressed with my physiotherapist Rebecca, and treatment. She was able to identify and articulate the problem very nicely ”

Mr Kingshuk G.

“Mr. Poon is a very good Physiotherapist he is experienced and very attentive and shows interests in helping his clients I did two treatments to my sciatica nerve inflammation and already felt relieved and pain has reduced tremendously. I am so glad to have met Mr. KH Poon Many thanks & Much appreciated.”

Ms Alyce Tham P. K.

“Many thanks to Joyce, you did a great treatment so that I could walk immediately. That morning I could hardly step on my left foot and had to take panadol in order to walk into the clinic. ”

Ms Serene Teo K. K.

“Appreciated and thanks to Mr Poon for the detailed explanation and thorough treatment. ”

Madam Pua W. C.

“The service quality and knowledge of the physio is excellent. Thank you Bavita Leong for the treatment, you have taken such good care of me and explained the issues well. ”

Mr Aveenash T.

“Thank you Joyce and Bavita for helping me recover from my injuries faster ”

Ms Victoria Ho B. R.

“Ben is a professional in his work. Lots of interactions and exchanges of view. I learned a lot from him. ”

Mr Jeremy Chan S. W.

“Thank you for seeing us during your packed schedule. Your service was professional and informative. Keep up with your service ”

Madam Lai T.

“Dear Bavita Divya feels more confident of her recovery after the session. She even accompanied me to the shop and was not hesitant to talk to the shopkeeper. Thank you. This is the third day after seeing you. She is able to gargle and proud to hold water in her mouth without dripping. Thank you again.”

Madam Divyareka d/o P.

“Bavita is very kind and patience. ”

Madam Hasna M.

“Thanks Mr Poon for the treatment & info sharing ”

Madam Rena Na B. H

“Mr. Poon, you have always been very patient in understanding the issues your patients have. You take time in analyzing the problem and decide on the treatment with much thought and consideration. A visit to your clinic gives us a sense of reassurance. So far we have been happy with the centre. Keep it up! ”

Ms Nair Shreya V.

“Thank you for the caring service. ”

Madam Gina Tan S. C.

“Joyce is very dedicated responsible and knowledgeable. I am in good hands under her care. ”

Madam Dhanvanti d/o G. P. D.

“Poon is knowledgeable with a lovely bedside manner. I have recommended him to fellow sports friends. ”

Madam Gail Tok S. M.

“Thank you Mr Poon for making me recover just in time for my game! Cheers! ”

Mr B. Kaths

“I appreciate being able to reach out via WhatsApp. Makes scheduling appointments very easy. Also paying via PayNow is useful as I rarely carry my NETS card. Thanks Bavita for continuing to help me! ”

Mr Schabel Matthias S.

What Our Patients Say

success stories

20 Apr

Physiotherapy 101 : Trigger Finger

Introduction Trigger finger is a condition where pain, locking, and popping sensations occur in the finger when attempting to bend and straighten. If it occurs in the thumb, it is called trigger thumb. The tendons (rope-like structures that attach muscles to bone) of our fingers normally glide smoothly through a small fibrous tunnel called the tendon sheath as you bend and straighten your […]

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01 Apr

Physiotherapy 101 : De Quervain’s Syndrome(Tenosynovitis)

Introduction  De Quervain’s syndrome is when the tendons (rope-like structures that attach muscles to bone) along the base of the thumb and side of the wrist become irritated or constricted. Reproduced from: Griffin LY (ed): Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care, 3rd Edition. Rosemont, IL. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 2005. This may result in inflammation, resulting in swelling, pain, and tenderness.  These symptoms […]

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23 Feb

Physiotherapy 101 : Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Introduction Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a painful condition in the hand and occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed in an area of the wrist, known as the carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel is a passageway between the wrist and the hand is about an inch wide.  The median nerve provides feeling to the thumb and all fingers except the pinky finger. It […]

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