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23 Feb

Physiotherapy 101 : Golfer’s Elbow

Introduction Golfer’s elbow or medial (inner) epicondylitis is a condition of inner elbow pain. It is similar to tennis elbow but occurs less frequently than tennis elbow. However, these two conditions are not limited to only golfers or tennis players. This condition is mainly caused by stress overload on the tendons of the forearm muscles which control the wrist. These tendons attach to the […]

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04 Feb

Physiotherapy 101: Tennis Elbow

Introduction Tennis elbow or lateral (outer) epicondylitis is an overuse injury to the forearm muscle tendons (rope-like structures that attach muscles to bone).   Symptoms The tendon of the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) muscle is most commonly affected. It is located at the outer elbow near to the bony prominence. The pain may radiate […]

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