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We are able to help stroke patients with left or right hemiplegia (paralysis and weakness). We will try to make use of the “golden period” for rehab, that is 3-6 months after the onset of stroke in which early spontaneous improvement of stroke can be seen most rapidly. However, patients who had stroke many years ago can also be treated, although it will take a longer time for the neuroplasticity to happen. We employ rigorous exercises and motor relearning program to facilitate gross and fine movement control. We can also provide pain relief, management of muscles spasticity and ambulation training and caregiver training to optimise patient’s recovery.

Radiofrequency treatment (Video by Winback Philippines Physio and Sports) does help in the rehabilitation of stroke patient. Besides this, mirror therapy is another strategy we use in our stroke rehabilitation. The use of radial shockwave therapy can also be deployed for the management of spasitic muscles.

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