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Questions relating to Physiotherapy


We offers expert physiotherapy advice and information on musculoskeletal injuries & movement dysfunction, diagnosis and treatment. We are here to answer any questions you may have about physiotherapy.

Q.What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment used to help with pain relief, healing and rehabilitation of injuries and disabilities.

In most cases, it is the treatment of medical and surgical conditions to help people overcome their injury through movement and exercises coupled with modalities such as ultrasound, radio frequency and heat/cold packs. These help to reduce swelling and inflammation thus encouraging healing of cells and release of muscle tension.

At K.H. Poon Physiotherapy we facilitate the recovery process of musculoskeletal pain (muscles and joints), prevention from further recurrence of musculoskeletal pain and performance enhancement through therapeutic exercises.

Q.How effective is physiotherapy?

In the vast majority of cases, physiotherapy is considered extremely effective for appropriate conditions. Research suggests that physiotherapy significantly improves the rehabilitation.

Q.Is physiotherapy the same as massage?

No, physiotherapy is much more than massage, although specific massage techniques may be used if they are regarded as an appropriate treatment to your recovery.

Your physiotherapist will facilitate your recovery using modalities and movement exercises. Through constant care and guidance, your physiotherapist will advise and educate you towards achieving your goals.

Q.What types of problems can our physiotherapists help with?

You may refer to our treatment solutions.

Q.Are physiotherapists qualified and certified?

Our physiotherapists are well-trained and registered with the Ministry of Health in Singapore under the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC).

Questions relating to Treatments


Q.How do I know what type of treatment will help my condition?

There will be an initial assessment on your first visit. Our physiotherapists will evaluate you and discuss a treatment plan that is the most suitable for your condition.

Q.What can I expect for the initial assessment?

During the initial assessment for your first visit, your physiotherapist will first conduct an interview with you to find out the nature of your condition.

This is followed by a physical examination which will include a series of tests to identify any symptoms you may have. Your physiotherapist will use this information to arrive at a differential diagnosis.

Your physiotherapist will then draw up a treatment plan tailored to your condition and goals towards recovery, prevention and enhancement.

Q.What should I prepare for my first appointment?

Kindly bring along your doctor’s referral letter, MRI/X-ray scans and reports (if any).

Q.What should I wear for my first appointment?

We recommend wearing something comfortable which can be rolled up to expose the affected body part for examination (e.g. T-shirt and shorts)

Q.What payment methods do we accept?

We accept payment via Cash, NETs, NETsQR, PayLah, PayNow, Bank Transfer and Cash Cheque.

General Physiotherapy Questions


Q.What is the Allied Health Professions Council?

The Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) is a professional board under the Ministry of Health which governs and regulates the professional conduct and ethics of registered allied health professionals, in accordance to the Allied Health Professions (AHP) Act 2011. The AHPC’s functions include the registration and issuing of practicing certificates to registered allied health professionals, setting of standards for training, conduct and practice; as well as to maintain the Register of Allied Health Professionals in Singapore.

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Q.Do I need a Doctor's Referral?

We do not require a referral to see you. However, for some cases, we recommend seeing a doctor to determine if a referral, X-ray or MRI is appropriate.

If you are unsure as to how physiotherapy may help your condition, do feel free to drop us a call or email us at so that we may advise you as needed.