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About Us

K.H Poon Physiotherapy, founded in 2006, started operations as a humble one-man outfit that provided basic physiotherapy services. The clinic has grown to a current team of 5 experienced physiotherapists, who strongly believe in providing the highest quality physiotherapy to help patients achieve effective, and sustainable recovery outcomes. Most of our physiotherapists have more than 16 years of clinical experience and offer holistic solutions for every patient’s rehabilitation needs. Our clinic is well-equipped with modern technologies and treatment techniques to provide professional patient care.

Our physiotherapists are caring, committed, responsible, ethical and communicative – fluent in English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay.

Our Treatment Solutions


Be A Better You


We believe in a holistic approach in the treatment of our patients. Patients who suffer from pain are assessed accordingly to determine the cause and the contributing factors leading to their condition.

In our clinic we employ the R.P.E approach whereby we facilitate the RECOVERY process of musculoskeletal pain (muscles and joints), we attempt to PREVENT the further recurrence of musculoskeletal pain and ENHANCE the individual performance through therapeutic exercises and improving movement control.

At the RECOVERY stage, we employ a range of methods to ease the painful symptoms and help facilitate recovery. These include manual joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, neural mobilization, stretches, therapeutic exercises and pain modulation technologies.

We also aspire to PREVENT recurrence of pain and disability through effective patient education, lifestyle modification and work hardening. Believing in the principle of “use it or lose it’’, our patients are taught strategies to adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle to keep the pain away.

Finally, we strive to ENHANCE our patients’ present level of performance, helping them to return to their pre-injury level, if not exceeding that level.

Post-surgical (e.g. hip/knee/shoulder replacements, rotator cuff repair, meniscus repair, anterior cruciate ligament repair etc.) rehabilitation is part of our core competence. We also have facilities to manage patients/athletes who require strengthening, conditioning and return to sports.

At the end of each treatment, we provide advice on exercise therapy for patients to continue management at home, so as to enhance the process of rehabilitation. We try our best to ensure that each patient who suffers from pain come and leave our clinic with improvement.

We constantly upgrade our clinical skills and knowledge, and keeping ourselves updated on technological advancements to provide the best services to our patients.

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