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Our Mission - Freedom From Pain
To facilitate the RECOVERY process of musculoskeletal pain (muscles and joints), PREVENTION from further recurrence of musculoskeletal pain and performance ENHANCEMENT through therapeutic exercises.

Mr K.H. Poon
B.A Health SC. Physiotherapy;
Masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning)
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Shockwaves are powerful waves that are accurately applied to painful and inflamed areas.
These unique waves are like no other and have the ability to breakdown scar tissue that has built up over time while effectively reducing pain and encourages proper healing.

The Radial Extracorporeal Shockwaves Therapy can be applied to conditions such as:

1. Tennis Elbow
2. Shoulder Pain
3. Golfer’s Elbow
4. Hip Pain
5. Runner’s knee
6. Knee Arthritis
7. Achilles tendonitis
8. Heel Spur

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Latest Innovation From Switzerlandd

"I have to stop playing golf due to pain from tennis elbow for many months.  My pain is healed now after shockwaves therapy and I am back to playing golf again. " Mr M Tham

K. H. Poon Physiotherapy is proud to be the first in Singapore to provide this unique HOT MAGNER THERAPY from Japan . Widely used for more than 40 years, this therapeutic modality is successfully used to treat more than 400,000 people daily in Japan now.

The HOT MAGNER THERAPY can be applied to conditions such as:

•  Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint diseases)
•  Pain following fracture
•  Prolonged fracture healing
•  Nerve pains (neuritis and neuralgia)
•  Pain post shingles (post herpetic pains)
•  Low back pain and neck pain
•  Tennis elbow
•  Frozen shoulder
•  Ankylosis Spondylosis

Latest Innovation From Japan

"I had lower back pain and left leg pain with numbness for 2 years. I have not experienced significant improvements until seeing Mr Poon." Mr L.E.H

"I always experience neck pain after golf. My swing is poor. I felt better and managed to swing further (in golf). " Mr T.Y.W

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What Can Hot Magner Treat?
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